Are you looking forward to Jay Chou’s new song


Speaking of Jay Chou, everyone is certainly no stranger, because Jay Chou’s position in the Chinese music scene is very high. As long as he listens to the song, he does not know Jay Chou. Since 2000, his songs have been particularly popular. Although there will be some bumps and difficulties in the middle, he still bravely walked over, and the songs published are more than a fire, one song is more than a classic. ! The songs he sang were also raging in the north and south, and more and more people realized him. More and more people became his fans after listening to his songs.

A few years ago, Jay Chou’s creation speed was very fast. Almost every once in a while, a new album will be released, or a new song will be issued. At that time, people listened to Jay Chou’s songs and listened to the special enjoyment. After all, whether it is the speed of his songs or the quality of his songs, it is great. However, in recent years, Jay Chou’s creation speed has slowed down. This is not an illusion, but a fact. Since 16 years, Jay Chou has only sent two new songs. The quality of these two new songs is indeed very good. However, some fans complain that the speed of this song is too slow. In the past three years, there have been two songs. The new song is completely unheard of.

Jay Chou also knows that his songs are slower, but he never responded. However, recently, he finally responded. Jay Chou sent a video saying that he has not released new songs all the time, not because he did not want to publish, but because his current energy is on the “play”. There is really no time to create songs.

Although this sentence has a joke, it is a fact. Since he got married, the focus of life has begun to shift. Careful people should be able to find out that now he almost puts his focus on the family, not his career. A limited amount of time, although placed in the career, is not placed on the creation of new songs.

In recent years, Jay Chou has participated in so many activities. For example, the recording of “Good Voice“, recording this program, Jay Chou also teaches his team members how to better sing and choose songs. Don’t think that this is A very simple thing, in fact, this is a very time and energy. As for the rest, to be honest, Jay Chou also needs to rest, so he has a part of the rest time, is used to play the League of Legends, Jay still likes this game. Anyway, I hope that Jay Chou can create some new songs as much as possible during the leisure time of the show, so that fans can be happy and meet the expectations of fans.