Looking forward to jay Chou’s new album


This year, JYB league will build on last year, continue to fight against the 3X3 city championship, through 30 station satellite game, 12 station city game and 10 station Taiwan game, provide a higher level of performance stage for the grassroots basketball fans. Not only that, the top four teams in the national finals will receive jay Chou’s personal invitation to join the representatives of the Chinese basketball association and the specially invited KOL star team in the 2019 elite competition of Taipei JYB league, so that more good players can be seen and a new era of grassroots basketball communication between the two sides will be opened.

It is reported that jay Chou will send his own j-team representatives ma xiaoqi, tie niu (zhang honglin) and zhong xianchao this year, each form the devil king Team to fight to the end of the field, for grassroots selection to add more points. “For the vast majority of basketball fans, the 3X3 half-court game is very attractive,” Chou said at the press conference. It has a simple and flexible competition system with few restrictions on the venue. I believe this program will enable more people who love basketball to participate in it and jointly promote the progress of grassroots basketball.”

In the group interview after the press conference, the host asked jay who he would team up with if he participated in the 3X3 competition. Jay Chou’s answer was to choose xiao jingteng and liu genghong. As for the reason, jay Chou said xiao jingteng more “rampage, not afraid of injury”; Choose liu geng hong is because of his rich experience, “if do star race, plow hong in which team, which team won.”

Chou also made his response to the new album in a group interview. Jay Chou admitted that he only writes songs when he has inspiration. “I don’t try to squeeze it out.” According to jay Chou, he is already writing new songs, but for other singers. As for the new album, jay Chou said that he will sing new songs in his concert tour at the end of the year, so the new album will be released before the tour