Looking forward to Jay Chou’s concert in Hong Kong


On July 16, 2019, Jay Chou’s Nanjing concert tickets were sold out on all major ticketing platforms in just one minute. Many people cried on social media that they did not grab the tickets. In this regard, a member of the community discussion platform posted a question: Jay Chou microblogging data is poor, why the concert tickets are still difficult to buy, is his fans really so much?

One stone stirred up a thousand waves, and a large number of “uncle and aunts” who liked Jay Chou for more than a decade did not do it. They said that Weibo’s small-scale publicity is not going to go up, but not wanting it at all. Ever since, a campaign for Jay Chou has begun. With the development of the situation, not only became the fan’s carnival for Jay Chou, but also the stars and Weibo V also responded positively and joined the “Sunset Red Fighting Group”. Today, Xiaobian will explain to you this powerful action.

I believe that Jay Chou knows that many stars in today’s entertainment industry are his “iron powder.” Recently, Lee, who is popular with the TV series “Dear Love”, is now standing out. He not only contributed the points, but also detailed the steps, and the text: “Try your best…”. Subsequently, Chen He, Lin Junjie, Xiao Jingteng, Chen Shu, Jiang Mengyu, Zhang Yuyi and other stars also became “tap water”, and made a call for Jay Chou.

Keeping up with the pace of the entertainment industry, the sports circle team is not to be outdone. Guo Ailun first tried to cast points for Jay Chou, and then Chen Ruolin called on fans to play for the idols. Even Curry Chinese and the Chinese Fan Club also appeared on the scene, calling on the fans to act.

Game circle team

It is reasonable to say that the entertainment industry should have nothing to do with the major gamers, but don’t forget, Jay Chou is the ambassador of the League of Legends in China, and participated in the League of Legends many times as the Star Summoner. . Therefore, the League of Legends official Weibo, Yushuang, stateless and other game industry big V also spontaneously joined the list action.