Liu Dehua’s four love songs


Liu Dehua was born in Hong Kong on September 27, 1961. He is an actor, singer, lyricist, producer, and one of the representative artists of the film and television development. He is also a filmmaker with a sense of mission. In 1981, he graduated from the TVB art training class with a total score. In 1982, he was named “Wireless Five Tigers” with “Falcon”. In 1983, he starred in “The Heroes” in Hong Kong, setting a record of 62 points in Hong Kong. Due to the refusal to sign a five-year long contract, it was hidden by TVB. In the early 1982, he was involved in the film industry, and he starred in “Going to the Fury”, “Extraordinary Love”, “Heavenly Love”, “Dark War“, “Infernal Affairs”, “Blind Detective” and other masterpieces. In 2013, he won the 3rd Golden Award for Best Actor Award and the 2nd Golden Horse Award for Best Actor. In 2005, he was awarded the Hong Kong Cinema “1985-2005 Hong Kong Most Popular Box Office Hong Kong Actor” Award, 2006 In the year, he was awarded the honorary academician of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.

Briefly introduce Andy Lau‘s four love songs.

1, thank you for your love

Thank you for your love is a song published by Andy Lau in 1993. Of course, this song also won the gold medal of Hong Kong’s top ten songs. I remember that this song was popular in the streets and lanes. In the era when I had a sound box, I was so eager to not want to thank you for your love. I have been unknowingly for 25 years.

2, ice rain

The song of ice rain is also one of Andy Lau’s main songs. When the fire was over, the people who walked on the street still have a few words, and the cold ice rain is slap on the face.

3, forget about the water

Give me a cup of love, and I will not be sad for a night, even if I will get drunk, even if I will cry, I will not see me sad. The singing rate of this song is higher than the above two.

4, practice

Practice is also one of Huachai’s love songs. I have started to practice slowly and anxiously. I am anxious that this world has no you. I have already told my tears not to cry, but how to count down the love.