Lin Haifeng’s Dong Xiaoxiao Party

林海峰 “Happy Monday” 是但噏 2019

Lin Haifeng and Ge Minhui also recorded the album, called “Broadcast Road Soft and Hard Killing Event”, which was launched as a hot sale and became platinum sales.
People’s red natural films are about to arrive, among which Ge Minhui’s development in the film industry is faster and more urgent. Once upon a time, Wang Jing intended to force him to become Zhou Xingchi’s successor, signed a number of contracts with him, and filmed “Gambling II“, “New Genius and Idiot”, “Calculating Dead Grass” (this film officially played against Xingye , the flag is quite equal).
At the time of Ge Minhui’s film, Lin Haifeng still insisted on his position, silently working on the radio, making a program and planning a large party for the radio. The annual “Yu Le Tan Awards Ceremony” is almost always led by him, and he also serves as the master of the conference. When he criticizes, he has puns and plaques. It can be said that if the Beijingers think that Guo Degang (blog) can speak good deeds, then we Hong Kong people have identified Lin Haifeng.
In 2005, Lin Haifeng opened a special party in the Red Pavilion called “It’s a hairy episode,” and it was packed. It can be said that this is a prelude to this soft and hard Tianshi compound.
The reason why the two broke up in the past was not because of financial loss, or for other reasons, it was entirely because the cooperation was too long to produce fatigue. They have a very good metaphor: the relationship between the two is like an old wife, do not need to say too much!
After 18 years of separation from the “old husband and wife”, they once again gathered with their peers. The night of the ten concerts brought Hong Kong people back to the years they deserve to remember. It is inevitable in laughter. With a beggar!
They sneered at the grammatical relationship between Cantonese and English; they ridiculed the snobbery of the songs and television circles; they played the artist, using keen sense of touch and delicate observations to turn the theme of life that was pitching into a joke. In those days, Hong Kong popularly published bags and books, and the hard and soft celestials converted the colloquial radio programs into words, which was also very popular.