Lin Haifeng Happy Monday is but 噏

林海峰 “Happy Monday” 是但噏 2019

Hong Kong Wenhui News (Reporter Li Siying) Lin Haifeng (Jan) is three years apart and will hold “#FeelinGood Lin Haifeng is Happy Monday2019” for six consecutive nights from September 20th to 25th. Jan was announced at a press conference yesterday. Before the opening of Sao Sao, the business platform will be closed. It depends on the ticket response and then consider when to return to the nest. This is his seventh time. This is the seventh time that Jan has taken the opportunity to open the door to Huangzihua. Mimi, I feel that it is particularly interesting when I want to return to the venue of the first floor of the first opening in Sasao.

On the table, Jan recalled the “Yeshan” series that began to perform since 2005. The conference deliberately produced a large banner for each series of performances, and gave this banner to Jan, wishing the box office to sell. When Jan was interviewed, she said that she would leave the business platform: “I have been working with the commercial platform for a long time. I am not too young. I have considered it for a while to start a new chapter with the radio. I will leave the business station in the short term, but not I informed the company that because the reporters had been too happy to talk about it, I didn’t know how long I had to leave. If the sale was good, I would not return. If I couldn’t sell well, I would return soon.” Originally, Jan is teasing everyone, he is leaving. The business desk is only going to retreat four or five weeks before the opening of the game. It is also the limit. Because there is no substitute for work, is it a heavy decision to make this decision? He pretended to be serious: “After deliberation, but I unilaterally decided, not allowed, but this decision will not change, every time I think, after four or five weeks, I will not return, because I have to The sea is expensive, unless there is an advertisement to shoot through Kowloon.”

Jan’s family is full of women, with a strong yin, asking him if he needs to “run away from home” bridge? He laughed and said: “The family has abandoned me to study abroad. I am the closest to the domestic helper, but everyone does not know what the other party said, so it has no effect.”