Lin Haifeng is but 噏 2019

林海峰 “Happy Monday” 是但噏 2019

Lin Haifeng is the brother of the radio disc jockey Lin Biao and the artist Lin Xiaofeng. In his childhood, he lived in the Observatory Road in Tsim Sha Tsui and Yue Wah Street in Kwun Tong. Later he moved to Lai Tak Estate in Tai Hang and now lives in Repulse Bay. The martial arts star Dillon is his uncle. He graduated from St. Teresa’s Primary School and St. Joseph’s College in his early years, then went to the Ming Ai Bai Yingqi Professional School to study design and met Ge Minhui and Xia Yongkang. Lin and Ge had worked in Esprit as a window design. In 1988, the two followed Lin Biao to join the commercial radio station, and formed a combination of soft and hard Tianshi, Lin Haifeng as a “hard master“, and has been hosting a number of popular radio programs in 叱咤903.

Lin Haifeng is one of the representatives of the trend of Hong Kong and has many followers. He has opened a fashion store Wrap::Woof with Xia Yongkang’s design company shya-la-la and Baisha Road in Causeway Bay. A friend with a number of Hong Kong and Japanese designers. Also cooperated with Hong Kong fashion retail group I.T. He has directed the film “Sky Fiction” and “Crap Stories” and has performed in many films. Lin Haifeng is also a singer. She has already released her albums in the days of hard and soft days. She often lyrics her own songs into singers, and her record packaging is also very distinctive. In addition, there has been some participation in some TV and radio advertising dubbing work. He has also worked as an album editor for some singers. His designs have won many awards overseas, but he has also been criticized by insiders for his plagiarism.

In 1997, Wang Jiawei and Japan cooperated to hold three new directors, two of which were Ge Minhui and Lin Haifeng, and one was a Japanese director. Ge Minhui spent two years completing the “Two Worlds After Love”. “Where Wang Jiawei intended to let Lin Haifeng direct the opening of the show, but Lin Haifeng has been studying the script, it became my first shot, then the economy Poor, the film company refused to invest again, and Lin Haifeng and the Japanese director’s play could not be opened. “I believe this is the reason why Lin Haifeng is frustrated.