Life depends on Jay Chou concert


Who is Jay Chou? I am afraid that only the idiot will ask this question. Jay Chou is a famous music creator and singer. He will not be outdated for the song any time. He likes Jay Chou to his friends. There is a big news to tell you that Jay Chou’s world tour concert To start, but the time is a bit late, on December 6, 2019, Jay Chou sang in Hong Kong! I think as long as the friends who really like Jay Chou can wait for Jay. We will not see you when we arrive.

Jay Chou was also born in the grass roots. It was very difficult when he debuted. At that time, he was asked by Wu Zongxian to ask for fifty songs in a few days. The young Jay Chou did it with love and persistence in music. 50 songs, no one is smooth sailing. Who can think that Jay Chou, who is now one of the best in Chinese music, will be rejected when he writes songs. Jay Chou wrote a song to Zhang Huimei and was returned. He wrote a song to Andy Lau, but he was not frustrated. Only let us see many excellent works after him.

Jay Chou’s work style is changeable. One of the styles is also my favorite style is Chinese style. I like this lyrics very beautiful and have a classical feeling. “Dongfeng Broken”, “Thousands of miles away”, “Blue and White Porcelain“, etc. are very good, Jay Chou The combination with Fang Wenshan is really a combination of heaven and earth.

I rarely go to the concert. If it is Jay Chou’s concert, I want to take time to look at it again. I can learn from the singer I like to let the dream shine.

Life depends on a Jay Chou concert, learn to persist, learn to work hard, learn to forbear, and learn to live.

In Jay Chou’s Hong Kong concert in December 2019, let’s go to the scene!