• October 27, 2018
  • The Venetian Macao CotaiArena
  • New City Cotai Strip Taipa Our Lady Lazarus Avenida da Praia Grande Venetian Resort Hotel

Leon Concert

Leon Concert 2018

  • October 27, 2018
  • The Venetian Macao CotaiArena

Leon, a famous Hong Kong singer and film actor, was born in Beijing. He settled in Hong Kong in 1973 and went to study in the UK after Leon. In the “5th Rookie Song Contest” won the third prize in 86 years, he officially entered the entertainment industry. He has performed many TV dramas and movies, and also sang the theme song for the TV series. He also released the first album at the beginning of Leon. The personal album “Meet in the Rain”, Leon won the praise, and launched a new page in his singing career. Later, he performed a number of films. In 2003, he personally wrote the creative director for the film “Dacheng Small Things”. In 2007 and 2008, he was also invited to be the leading actor for the film “Jiangshan Beauty” and “Mei Lanfang”. At the Leon of 2010, two films “Fire Dragon” and “Love for You” were filmed and in 2011, “The Banquet” was filmed.

Hong Kong Concert
  • Date of performance:

    October 27, 2018

  • Ticket price:
    HK$2180, $1580, $980, $680, $480
  • Performance venue:
    The Venetian Macao CotaiArena

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Sat Sep 14
The Venetian Macao CotaiArena
  • Performance material
  • Date of performance: October 27, 2018
  • Ticket price: HK$2380 / $1680 / $1280 / $880 / $580
  • Performance venue: The Venetian Macao CotaiArena

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  • Other Leon Tickets [including priority bookings and Leon tickets other than purchasing] will be available two weeks after the ticket is purchased. The post will be arranged within one month before the opening, and the customer will receive the courier number by email for enquiry.
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Leon Concert seating table –

Leon Concert tickets

  • Saturday 2018, October 27


  • Regardless of age, each ticket is for one person only. You must have a valid ticket when you enter the venue.
  • Please take care of your tickets! If the position ticket is lost, there will be no replacement!
  • In order to avoid the sale of tickets, please select the tickets online as soon as possible and buy them immediately. Tickets are sold on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited within the Jinguang Museum and no foreign food and drinks are allowed to enter the Expo.

Leon Concert Venue details

Venetian Macao Synthesizer

Address: New City Cotai Strip Taipa Our Lady Lazarus Avenida da Praia Grande Venetian Resort Hotel

Leon Concert Macau Station Traffic

  • In downtown Macau, there are large buses and small buses between Taipa and Coloane, and there are frequent flights.
  • Take bus MOP3.2 in downtown Macau, MOP4.2 to Taipa, MOP4.2 to Macau International Airport, MOP5 to Cotai, and MOP6.4 to Black Sand Beach. There is no change in the car to change, passengers should bring their own coins to ride.
  • About “Macau Pass”: It has been fully applied to the Macau bus, one person per card; free transfer within one hour.
  • The bus routes to the Venetian Macao are: 15, 25X road loop, 25, 26A, 26.

Free shuttle bus


There are two types of taxis in Macau, one is bright yellow and the other is black body yellow roof.

Leon concert from mainland China to Macau

Bus/Light Rail

Depart from Zhuhai: Arrive at the Gongbei Port; or take the transit bus to the Hengqin Port and then arrive at the border checkpoint. After passing the customs, you can take the free shuttle bus to the Venetian Macao.

Departure in Guangdong Province

    • Take the transit bus directly to Gongbei Port or Hengqin Port and arrive at Australia via the border checkpoint. .

  • Take the train or train to Guangzhou South Railway Station and change to the Guangzhu Light Rail Line. Exit at Zhuhai Station, the same side is the Gongbei Port, and you can walk to the Gongbei Port to cross the border. After the customs clearance, take the free shuttle bus to the Venetian Macao

Starting outside Guangdong Province

Passengers from the Mainland can choose to take the high-speed train to Guangzhou South Railway Station and change to the Guangzhou-Zhuhai Light Rail. After arriving at Zhuhai Station, they can pass through the Gongbei Port and take the free shuttle bus to the Venetian Macao.


    • Macau International Airport – Located in Taipa, it operates 24 hours a day, with convenient transportation and is not far from various ports. Passengers can arrive at the Venetian Macao on a free shuttle bus.
    • Zhuhai Airport – Take the airport shuttle bus to Hengqin Port and arrive at Australia via the border checkpoint. After passing the customs, you can arrive at the free shuttle bus from the Venetian Macao.
    • Guangzhou Baiyun Airport – You can take the bus to Zhuhai Xinhe Bus Terminal and walk through Gongbei Port to Australia
    • Shenzhen Baoan International Airport – You can go to Fuyong Ferry Terminal and take a boat to Taipa Temporary Passenger Terminal to arrive in Australia
  • There is a helicopter service between Macau and Shenzhen. It runs from Shenzhen Baoan International Airport to the Heliport of the Outer Harbour Passenger Terminal Building on the Macao Peninsula. Helicopters travel to and from Hong Kong and Macao in just 16 minutes, from the Shun Tak Centre in Hong Kong and the Macau Peninsula. Helicopter at the Outer Harbour Passenger Terminal Building.

Payment methods

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3. Suitable for purchase LeonConcert Macau users

  • Offline remittance [Macau Bank of China]

    Hong Kong Hang Seng Bank [Inspirr Group Limited]

    • Transfer Bank: Macau Bank of China
    • Account name (representing company account, which is a security account): Wu Weihua Account number (HK$ account): 19-11-10-276594

4. Suitable for purchase LeonConcerts Overseas and Global Users

Leon Concert Hot News

Leon Concert Hot News

Leon has debuted so far, and it is often called the “Golden King”. When he attended the public occasions, he repeatedly made a series of shots, bursting out a lot of amazing, nonsense golden sentences, which made people laugh or puzzled. Among them, “I have a boat after the bumps” and “I am open-minded, so I don’t mind if others say that I am not open-minded”, “In fact, I did not say that I don’t hold Weilan, but I know that I am more and more, and the more people will suppress you.” Don’t forget Einstein’s “Relativity”: If you want nature, you will have a smooth ending.” “If you are a good person, you will feel that you are a slut.” Whether there is a chance to shoot at the Leon, like the ghosts, they all want to talk about fate o.” “I feel that playing sails is like being a human being, and you have to be able to bend and stretch. Like the career of the entertainment industry, there are ups and downs.” “The charm of men comes from work. Once a man retirees from work, he has lost his charm. “When an artist feels that he is attractive, the channel has lost its charm.” “Everyone should cherish the opportunity. If you are shackled, you will be “absolutely empty.” “The core of the core is the core of the inner circumference”, “I am going to eat breakfast in the early morning”, “left hand and meat, palm and meat” and “Weilan fat over the motorcycle” become its classic gold Sentence People and fans revisit and aftertaste.

Hot explosion Leon's works show songs

  • 對不起我愛你
  • Happy 2000
  • Sugar In The Marmalade
  • 金碟鐵盒珍藏系列
  • 情深說話未曾講
  • 越夜越有機
  • 我的親愛
  • 全日愛
  • 愛你/不愛你
  • 及時擁抱
  • 只要為我愛一天
  • 我這樣愛妳
  • 沒名字的歌,無名字的你
  • 那有一天不想你
  • 夏日傾情
  • 眼神騙不過
  • 無名份的浪漫

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