Lay’s voyages


The 2019 zhang yi xing concert tour is officially underway, and zhang yi has released concept posters on social media to lay stress on his personal music dream of staying true to his dreams, pursuing unknown islands and uncovering treasure. The tour starts in Shanghai, stops at chongqing, the mysterious island of crystal, then moves to nanjing, the fantastic island of slaim, and finally arrives at Beijing, the wonderful world of imagination. Travel to four cities, only to find “unknown treasure”. Under Captain Lay’s leadership, unlock the navigation themes one by one, and experience the “big voyage” of finding dreams with him.

Zhang yixing is a creative musician. He has released three albums including LOSE CONTROL, SHEEP and NAMANANA. At the same time, he is also the producer of music, and he makes the whole process himself, setting off a boom of mix-mandarin-pop. Zhang yixing is the first Chinese singer to rank among the top 10 overseas iTunes albums since the release of “NAMANANA/rain forest dream” in October last year.

Strong partners on the adventure route gather the best team in China to create an unprecedented concert audio-visual experience

At that time, the top dance team will create immersive stage experience, stage lighting with music sometimes romantic and breathtaking, sometimes beautiful and magnificent, unprecedented concert audio-visual experience, stars and sea, tens of thousands of rays, bring cool audio-visual enjoyment!

Zhang yixing says he “wants his music to break the distance barrier.” Go to the scene to become a sailor, witness the growth of Captain LAY, find the way of dream, and share the same boat with him through thick and thick.