Lay’s mysterious album


LAY was born in changsha, hunan province on October 7, 1991. He is a popular male singer and actor in mainland China.

In 2005, zhang yixing participated in the contest of “star academy” in hunan province and won the third place in the finals. In 2008, I was selected by S.M. Casting System in China and became an intern of south Korean SM company.

MASK is the eighth album released by Chinese singer zhang yixing on October 7, 2017.

MASK is a fusion phop song, which is composed of strange scales and melodies. Throughout the song, there’s an exotic, mask-like mystique, and the lyrics are “zhang yixing,” great power and attitude.

MASK is an original song by zhang yixing from his second album “SHEEP” released on October 7, 2017. The original song is recorded by QQ music, cool dog music and cool me music. From the lyrics, the song wants to convey is a kind of not forget that the beginner’s mind, stay awake, stay awake alone state, such as the lyrics to sing: smoke over four weeks, said I was at the end of the cliff, choices in inner angry, You know I “l l be myself, not for what spin hours, be You grasp the steering wheel road is far away, will not be about faith to see black and white, is to distinguish good and bad. Don’t forget the original intention even if the swamp muddy also want to be sober. As zhang yi points out, “I can see your mask clearly. I don’t tear your mask, but I don’t want to wear one.”

The lyrics of “MASK” were largely inspired by zhang yixing’s personal story.