Lay at sea wang yixing


Zhang yixing is about to hold his first solo concert at the Hong Kong red hall.

Lay lay is simple and kind in the show. He is polite to his elders sun honglei, huang lei, huang bo, wang xun and luo zhixiang. He has been cheated by sun honglei for several times.

Maybe because zhang yixing is simple and pure in the big dye VAT of showbiz, we all love him.

Lay itself exobiology is the identity of group members, for his business ability, everybody also saw lay singing in variety, are very good at dancing. Last year, by virtue of his music talent, zhang yixing was the tutor of the iQIYI variety show idol trainee. It’s not easy to be such a young tutor.

Lay out also released his album, after the original debut Solo album first song “What U need, the song MV 21 hours, public official overseas platform YouTube content has broken millions, MV fastest lay as YouTube platform breakthrough 1 million Chinese singer, at the same time to refresh the SM entertainment‘s male artist Solo on YouTube, click on the best result.

Though he’s the main dancer in the EXO band, zhang yixing’s versatility has also been under the spotlight. He has demonstrated his piano, guitar, creative ability, and even his ability to answer questions and cook dishes in several programs and activities. Hosting is also a “new skill” that was later discovered, which can be described as “more skills than pressure”. Behind his handsome appearance, zhang yixing has a calm, composed, hard-working and persistent character that is rarely seen among his peers. His seriousness and modesty have been the main reasons why he has been praised by people working in the media industry.

Lay personal concert in 2019, identified as “big navigation”, sailing, namely to set sail, this concert is the starting point of lay, gradually lay behind there will be more concerts, he would like anime “sea king” luffy, become a fierce sea king.