Joey Yung’s strength is strong


It turns out that Joey Yung will not only sing, but how much do you know about my grandfather, what she has done in these years! In fact, before I did not understand Joey Yung, like most people, her impression of her was only the songs that were sung before and were relatively old. Later, I found out that I was very wrong. I found that Joey was really a great singer. Under the influence of friends, she saw her previous starlight concert (concert), Concert Number 6. Later I went to listen to the 1314 concert, although the current state of live is not as good as before.

At that time, even a dozen dance medly (singing and jumping) did not take a breath. Later, because of the more sings in the two games, the careful person could hear her sing and sing, and the voice sang. Very sad. I don’t know what my family’s understanding of Joey Yung is, but she did live in the Hong Kong music scene. The number of awards won’t come, and she won the most popular female singer award for six consecutive years. Mei Gu’s record is strong and powerful.

Everyone seems to have only stayed in the songs of the national language such as “Girls with Wings” and “Little”. In fact, she also has many Cantonese songs with good lyrics. Lin Xi, Huang Weiwen and others have created for her. A lot of beautiful words, coupled with the melody of the mouth, it can be said that her Cantonese songs have never let the fans down, and the rest of the time can listen to other songs of the ancestors are good works. Joey Yung’s live version is true from beginning to end. You can feel that listening to him singing seems to be listening to a story of a martyr, always singing into your bones.