Joey yung’s new song pessimistic biology


Humans are hard-wired to view the world with pessimism. Yung’s song is exactly like its title, with the pessimistic tone of yung’s love song, just like last year’s “science of the heart“, which exhorted people not to be discouraged by unpredictable love. From the perspective of “there is no eternal true love in the world”, this song “pessimistic biology” says that the relationship cannot be occupied for a lifetime, but can only be buried in the bottom of my heart.

Pessimistic biology” sing that emotions are not lifelong occupation, sometimes to know how to give up, can only be a flash in the pan of good deep buried in the heart. (MV screenshot of pessimistic biology)

Too many people regard love as a possession, hoping to occupy each other’s throne for life. Fear of loneliness, fear of the world to single people to pity the eyes, so eager to find a partner. Once a rare encounter of fellow passers-by, more afraid of being the love of a paper contract occupy life, can not help but in this warm moment head on cold water, let me suddenly wake up lonely this is the essence of human life: love much drunk, born into the earth when it is hard to avoid a single road.

Love lasts forever without guarantee. Lyrics in the middle of the rhythm is accelerated, zuer by short sentence to ask “who is your family who is your lover” the original sincere feelings are all lent eventually must return; If lucky this half second can call you my close relatives, also will inevitably fall alone in the end. Even pretensions to love, and no one is born for love; Perhaps celibacy violates the understanding of happiness in the eyes of the world, but it has never hindered my desire to live. If I had known I was prone to the illusion of being loved, I would have chosen to be single to avoid doom and gloom.

Life always unavoidably lonely, no one can accompany their lifetime, pessimism is early to separate psychological preparation. (MV screenshot of pessimistic biology).