Joey yung’s new album 2019


Joey yung (Joey) released a new cantonese song “pessimistic biology” earlier, and the original MV contained Easter eggs. Director peng xiuhui selected some “love relics” in Joey yung’s previous MV and put them into this new song MV, as a small gift to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Joey yung’s cooperation with lyric-writer Wyman huang.

Peng xiuhui has added a number of items from her past videos to Joey’s new music video, paying tribute to Joey and Wyman’s 20th anniversary. (image from Internet)

Peng xiuhui tried to retrieve some items from a love song MV written by Wyman, and then put them in the room where the pessimistic biology video was recorded.

In her joey yung “optimistic”, “excuse me“, “wallpaper”, “16 lover”, “the pain of love”, “skylight”, “spend tree” and “call day should not be more than eight selected in the song’s MV relics” love “, she said: “I looked at the new Wyman to joey yung all songs before MV, and see what objects fit into the scene.”

The scene of shooting the MV prepared a lot of objects that could be seen in the street, and everyone saw 12.

“Myself, too

There is no specific subdivision, such as the act of making breakfast, chopping board, cucumber, tomato, egg, these objects will treat it as one thing; Clothes and cars with pot, is also a matter of fact. ”

Peng xiuhui said it was very difficult to collect “relics” because it was so long ago. “it’s been 20 years,” she said.

When filming, as a result of the car position Angle with “pain love” when the same, joey yung back to see “pain love” MV can not help Shouting: “wow! 20 years! , from the performance of joey yung can feel her surprise. Additional, peng xiuhui still seeks on “small days” MV director, ask the other side to have when filming in those days leave thing, but the other side did not leave however any in those days but thing.

At the Hong Kong Academy Awards, Kearen, a new director at the Hong Kong film awards, is emotional and sensitive. Under her guidance, Joey also showed his deep acting skills. (figure from network)

Twenty years like a day, this is the true portrayal of joey yung since he started, stick to the music dream of 20 years. This year marks the 20th anniversary of her entry into the music industry. And this is not her end, but her another starting point, the exploration and pursuit of music never stops.