Joey Yung’s fog watching flowers


After hearing the demo of “The Flower in the Fog” written by Chen Xiaoxia for the first time, Joey decided to include this song in her album “Moment”. She thinks that this song has a magical power, and it has a kind of awkward and warm. Feeling fermented in my heart, the more I listen, the more delicious. The lyrics are a true portrayal of Joey Yung‘s mood. Joey Yung, looking for Shi Rencheng to write a story about “blind spots”, Shi Rencheng wrote a large section about the lyrics next to the lyrics, so that Joey Yung could be more engaged in singing.

“Looking at the Flowers in the Fog” describes the beauty of love, and Joey Yung, with a gentle voice, interprets the process of awakening from love. As a slow song, as always, it is smooth and catchy, with a good sung. Song feelings are a kind of embarrassing feelings, there is a feeling of seeing through the love, but there is also a bit of obstinacy.

The song MV was inspired by the film “Love 33 Days“, directed by Chen Yingzhi, and Rong Zuer invited Chen Jianzhou to star in the actor. It took two days to complete the filming in Taiwan. Joey Yung specially made radish ribs soup to comfort Chen Jianzhou. In the MV, Chen Jianzhou is a decentralized Huaxin male. Joey Yung took the initiative to propose to Chen Jianzhou three times. After his first marriage proposal with a ring, his grandfather was still convinced that he was the favorite of his life. He also loved many colleagues on the company’s rooftop. In exchange for more profound damage. Later, after Joey Yung broke through Chen Jianzhou’s sneak peek, he still chose to forgive, boldly pursued true love, and braved the courage to hold a ring to propose to a black man. When the MV was filmed, Chen Jianzhou spoofed Joey Yung, making Joey Yung’s hair screaming and laughing at the shooting scene.