Joey Yung’s concert is very popular.


On the evening of August 17th, Joey Yung’s concert was held in the thirteenth game. Every night, Joey Yung invited heavyweight guests. After Jacky Cheung and Andy Lau, there was another heavyweight guest tonight. He was Nicholas Tse.

This evening, Joey Yung invited a guest who had not met with the audience at the Hung Hom Stadium for a long time. When she introduced Nicholas Tse, she said: “If Zhang Jingxuan is a cub, he is a super clam, and he is very handsome, but he has a gentle heart because I have witnessed it! Now I sing his first famous song. He specially came back to support me. I want to welcome him with the warmest applause.” Then Joey Yung sang Nicholas Tse’s first famous song “Jade Butterfly“.

After the two men embraced each other, Joey Yung said to Nicholas Tse, “Hello Brother! Why haven’t you seen you for so long, are you busy in Beijing…” Nicholas Tse said: “No, I have been filming in Hong Kong, two days earlier. Fly to another place to work…” Joey Yung continued: “I thought you were in Beijing… Are you lonely during this time…” Xie Yufeng was very embarrassed and showed a shy expression, Nicholas Tse It is also a low-key response because the working relationship is not in Beijing to accompany Wang Feiqing.

Then Joey Yung returned to the truth. “It’s so happy, please come to him today. He is my family. When he looks for him, he will agree.” Nicholas Tse responded: “Remember that you were looking for me that day you are sick, I really can’t hear what you said. I don’t know what to say three words. In fact, I guessed it. I said that you should not talk first. You can do anything, it doesn’t matter.”

Nicholas Tse said: “I just said that I specifically came back to support her. In fact, everyone knows more than me. There are still many people in the whole industry who will support Joey Yung because she is a person worthy of support!” Hearing the words of Nicholas Tse, Joey Yung hides his face. Said: “I am very touched!” Joey Yung also said: “I know that you are very real, we play from childhood to big, I am happy for you when you succeed, when you are successful, you are happy for me, the lyrics say: you are happy So I am happy…” The audience laughed.