Joey Yung’s concert is not perfect


People are not as good as days, and Joey Yung put on a black dress and sang “Wallpaper”. Some staff members suddenly came to the stage to help her organize the headphones. She seemed helpless. She said: “This is the most Crazy concert in my life. I am very sorry, there are many techniques. Insufficient, I will try my best to do it.” She couldn’t help but shed tears and continued: “This is my first concert. It is worse than the last rehearsal last night. The organic parts are faulty. Everyone wants me to continue. Going on? Or buy another ticket? Actually, I have been preparing for a long time, but the plan can’t catch up with the change. I originally had to play the piano for everyone, but the piano couldn’t rise.” Finally, Joey Yung was going to the band to sing “Weeping”, she This is the longest part of the practice. “At the beginning, I wanted to sing the whole concert. I started practicing last year, but I only practiced this song the night before I started singing. I found that playing the piano is good, I finally decided to give up. !”

When Joey Yung sang “The Only in the World”, he boarded the spaceship and hanged in the air for a week. He was in close contact with the audience on the top of the mountain. When the sing came to an end, the music was suddenly interrupted. Joey was scared to open his mouth. Fortunately, soon, nothing happened. Then she was on the spaceship. Interact with the fans Karaoke.

On the first night, I invited Zhang Xueyou, the “God of God“, as a guest. The two sang “So So Far”, and the whole audience started to sing. After singing, Jacky Cheung laughed and said: “Everyone knows that the song is written by me. She sings me to increase royalties. In fact, I have a generation with Joey.” Joey Yung said: “Where, I will listen to your songs in high school. My brother is not age-limited. I am very grateful to him. I just hit his car when I debuted. He didn’t put it. In the heart.” Zhang Xueyou said funnyly: “I remember now, today is debt collection… Haha!” Zhang Xueyou, who is very picky, praises his ancestors as the singer of all the conditions in today’s music scene. Joey Yung also refers to the guests as guests. It is the best bonus for 20 years. I laughed and said that my brother-in-law is at ease. It seems that I have taken a meditation medicine and laughed at the audience. The last two people sang a song, “True Love.”