Joey yung’s concert looks hot


Joey yung must be very familiar with everyone. In those days, with the song “the girl with wings“, joey yung became popular all over the country. She was a hot female singer in Hong Kong and the mainland at that time.

With the more popular joey yung, she was invited to sing and perform in an endless stream, that year’s Spring Festival party also invited her to participate in, but also to the audience left a deep impression. After many years to participate in the Spring Festival party, has been active in the screen, to bring us beautiful songs.

Joey yung has also opened a number of concerts, her concerts are always full of seats, full of people. She is also very popular. And every time dress up is different, style is fashionable disparate, often wear a few very exaggerated dress or outlandish dress appear. Everyone is also looking forward to every time.

Most impressive was joey yung’s appearance in a flesh-colored bra with bright tights. A lot of audience and fans excited, obsessed to the point of madness. The singer’s sexy figure shows off her slim curves and the concert is also extremely hot. In the end, the concert was a complete success, and joey yung was also a huge number of fans.

Joey yung is a singer I like very much, and she has come to this day through her own efforts. No matter what, her singing leaves us a very beautiful memory. I hope she can keep her style and continue to bring us better works. Do you like joey yung?