Joey yung’s classic song


Those who like joey yung should know that this is actually a song. A once well-known single, “my pride” (cantonese) = (mandarin), “the girl with wings”, with which joey yung, then only 23 years old, successfully reached the peak of his career and entered the domestic market. At the same time, joey yung also achieved a lot of achievements, becoming the youngest winner of chizha female singer gold award and my favorite female singer. For this yung zu ‘er into the line of sight of the broad masses of the people, is also directly put her on the music world little queen of the position, for a time limelight without two.

Then she began to be a model worker. She was busy every year with programs, commercial performances, movies, concerts and albums. Every year is jinge jinsong and other awards ceremony guests, every year there are songs shortlisted in the top ten, its can be seen in that year or very high gold content.

Little” joey yung 2007 mandarin album, as if this is joey yung most people like an album, is also joey yung from the dazzling decay into the classic, from the innocence of the eternal, joey yung, writing freely, open and loose songs, to remember we have the most real past and oath. In fact, if you listen carefully, zu’s voice is really good to listen to, the whole album style is very retro, very classical beauty. In the time when everybody is playing trendy, such a relatively fresh album, but call a person refreshing.

So what is joey yung’s “little”? That is, deep in his heart corner of a small dream and agreement, in the dead of night, comfort by their own grown up to face the suffering of the heart, give yourself the greatest courage and strength, in fact, this is the yung zu’s mind “small”. Joey yung, every song is like in the interpretation of their own feelings, thousands of people can feel her love when the joy, lonely love, there is a fear of being careful and brave and secular confrontation, are her own.