Joey yung’s beautiful English song


Joey Yung was born in Hong Kong, China on June 16, 1980. Artists under king’s group of Hong Kong. A well-known song, “my pride” (in mandarin, “the girl with wings”), brought joey yung’s career to its peak and successfully entered the domestic market. What are some good English songs by joey yung? Small make up for you to share joey yung’s most classic English songs.

Joey yung has beautiful English songs such as “the girl with wings“, “Mad About You”, “loving You”.

At the age of 15, joey yung entered the entertainment industry by winning the first prize in a karaoke contest and winning the zhengdong record singing contract. Later in 1996, she released her first single, “the first time I wanted to get drunk” (the theme song of the movie “4 32A and a banana boy“), but it was later cancelled by huang baigao, then a record company executive, who claimed that she was not beautiful. After that, joey yung worked as a clerk and helped his mother run the fashion shop to earn money, until an old colleague who worked in zhengdong recommended him to switch to jiayin records. However, his contract was terminated again when jiayin records withdrew from Hong Kong. Later, determined to break out in the music industry a career yung zuer worship luowen door.

In 2003, a well-known song, my pride (mandarin language, the girl with wings), brought joey yung’s career to its peak and successfully entered the domestic market. In the same year, joey yung became the youngest winner of chizha gold award for female singers and my favorite female singer in chizha at the age of 23. Joey yung has been dominating the music industry in Hong Kong, creating her own music legend: Joey yung in 2007 broke the “winner”, a legendary “curse” seven years, become a “winner” in the history with the most “hold music singer” award singer, more from 2000 to 2009 for ten consecutive years won the prize, to become the best witness to joey yung golden decade, respectively, five gold medal (2003, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009) (super faye wong record 4 times), silver award three times (2002, 2004, 2006) and two bronze (2000, 2001); Joey yung also tied Anita mui’s record of winning “most popular female singer” for five consecutive years in 2007 “top ten most popular female singer award ceremony”.