Joey Yung’s award-winning honor


Joey Yung‘s award-winning honor, Joey Yung-Cho Yee (June 16, 1980), was born in Hong Kong and is home to Hetang Town, Xinhui County, Guangdong Province [2], a famous female singer and actress in Hong Kong. The artist of Emperor Entertainment is also the “the queen of music” in Hong Kong today. In the 2003-2007 “Top Ten Golden Song Awards Ceremony”, Joey Yung has been the “Most Popular Female Singer” for five consecutive years and has been the “Hong Kong Female Singer of the Asia Pacific Region” for two consecutive sessions in 2008-2009. In 2005, the 2007-2009 “The Musical Music Awards Presentation Ceremony” became the winner of the “Golden Award for Women’s Singers”, and even since 2000, it has been smashed into the top three positions of the “Singer of Musicians” in 2001. In 2009, the “New City Madden Awards Ceremony” won the “New City Madden Female Singer” for the 9th consecutive year, and the “Top 10 Chinese Gold Song Awards Ceremony” in the 2004-2009 series for the sixth consecutive year, the “Best Pop Female Singer Award“, and its songs. “My Pride” won the “New City Madden Awards” New City’s Best of the Year’s Songs, “Top Ten Jinge Golden Song Awards Ceremony”, Top Ten Jinqu Gold Awards and “Top Ten Chinese Golden Melody Awards Concert” Global Chinese Supreme Golden Melody Awards in 2003. The three song awards have been widely welcomed by Hong Kong; Joey Yung has won the “four joint music awards – media awards” in 2003, 2004 and 2009. The third session became the big winner of the four major electronic media music awards ceremony.