Joey Yung will sing for 14 days in the Red Pavilion


Last night (5th), the premiere of Hong Kong female artist Joey Yung’s 20th anniversary concert was full of twists and turns.

The performance kicked off in the “strike storm”, but before the opening, some opposition groups were “squatting”. Some people held the banner and shouted slogans.

During the period due to stage failures and other reasons, there were many flaws. Joey Yung finally announced that he would re-play the audience on August 12.

Throwing the national flag, humiliating the national emblem, polluting the Bauhinia, blocking the road, obstructing the subway, disturbing the public, and bad livelihoods… The opposition sang in Hong Kong, no evil.

Yesterday, the Hong Kong opposition’s conspiracy plan to use the “remediation storm” to attempt to chase Hong Kong continued, with demonstrators launching strikes, blocking roads and blocking traffic.

This is the first opening day of the 20th anniversary concert of Hong Kong female singer Joey Yung’s long-awaited debut.

According to Hong Kong media reports such as the East Net, the concert venues, the Hung Hom Stadium and the entrances and exits have been blocked by demonstrators for many times. It was once news that the first performance might be cancelled.

Until the evening, Joey Yung’s affiliated company @香港英皇娱乐官微 and company executive @霍汶希Mani issued an official statement announcing that the concert will be held normally.

It is mentioned that due to the traffic and street conditions, the audience of the venue cannot be reached, and the ticket can be refunded to the conference with the full ticket.

Before the concert, Joey Yung was accompanied by Huo Wenxi to worship the gods. There were hundreds of fans gathered on the scene. There were a few people holding a banner of “anti-speech”.

At the concert, Jacky Cheung’s first guest became a big highlight, and the two joined hands to sing together, which was called “the same frame of the century”.

However, due to time issues, several shows were temporarily deleted.

The overall performance was not smooth. There were technical problems such as stage failures in the middle. Joey Yung sang and began to weep. “Tonight is worse than yesterday’s makeup rehearsal. I know that many people come from far away. I don’t want to let everyone down. ”

According to the concert information released by Emperor Entertainment’s official website, the concert was scheduled to be held from August 5th to 11th, 13th to 18th, and 20th to 24th.

The temporary performance on August 12 means that Joey Yung will sing for 14 days in the Red Pavilion.