Joey yung will perform at the red pavilion next Monday


Joey Yung was born in Hong Kong, China on June 16, 1980. Artists under king’s group of Hong Kong.

In 1995, won the champion of karaoke contest. Its first EP, unknown, sold more than 130,000 copies in 1999. In 2001, the first individual ticketing meeting was held at the red hall. In 2003, the single “my pride” won the gold medal of top ten best songs; And won the “most popular female singer” award ceremony of top ten best songs.

Chizha music singles award ceremony “chizha music world female singer gold award” and four sets of association awarded music awards “media awards”. In 2008, he was the opening and closing performance guest of the Beijing Olympic Games. In 2011, he performed European concerts at the Royal Albert Hall in London

According to Hong Kong media reports, joey yung’s new song “pessimistic biology” will be released ahead of his concert at the red house next Monday. Peng xiuhui with joey yung boyfriend break up a moment for MV introduction, after taking out how to face the loss of love, the loss of love. Joey yung burst into tears in the MV, as a friend of peng xiuhui reservedly gave her performance 80 points.

This is peng xiuhui’s first time as a MV director. Peng xiuhui said she would like to pay tribute to all the directors in Hong Kong who made the MV. And joey yung, who rarely ACTS, breaks down and cries in the video, asking how did joey yung perform? Peng xiuhui said that because the director most of the time is a singer joey yung identity, so will especially talk to her more about acting, acting.

How many points is joey yung’s performance worth? “If I give her a high score, she will be proud, but if I give her a low score, she will be upset. So after 80 points, I hope she still knows that I still have many dreams and requirements for her,” peng said with a smile.