Joey yung will hold a concert later this year


How much is the ticket for joey yung’s concert? Ticket prices are 380 Hong Kong dollars (about 329 yuan), 580 Hong Kong dollars (about 502 yuan) and 980 Hong Kong dollars (about 847 yuan). It has been 20 years since yung started singing in 2019. The release of his new works is also a celebration of his 20th anniversary. Yung will hold a concert in the second half of 2019. Not this time! 2019 let’s meet at the red pavilion and listen to joey yung!

Joey yung will perform at the Hong Kong red hall again in 2019! The news sent shockwaves through Hong Kong fans, who were thrilled that joey yung had held a solo concert at the red house six years ago. It is reported that this concert is also to celebrate the 20th anniversary of joey yung’s debut. Joey yung himself hopes that this concert can break his record of 15 performances in the red hall, and at least 16 performances.

Born in Hong Kong in 1980, joey yung won a karaoke contest at the age of 15 and then started his career with zhengdong records. Representative works have “HuiZhaoChiBang girl”, “my pride“, “used to love”, “the immortals”, “skylight”, “the pain of love”, “heart already”, “small”, “alone according to”, a beat two scattered and other popular songs, the singer award get soft, hung hom stadium to open up to 7 times in Hong Kong’s solo concert.

By the end of 2015, joey yung has won ten “most popular female singers”, three “gold award” songs, and nine gold awards for female singers in chizha music circle. Three times awarded “media awards” by the four Taiwan federation; Seven degrees held a solo concert at the hung hom stadium in Hong Kong, and held more than 90 world tour concerts. On February 17, 2016, joey yung appeared on hunan TV’s I am a singer season 4 as the second backup singer.