Joey Yung went out of Mandarin for six years


The music queen, Joey Yung, returned to Mandarin after a lapse of six years, and returned with his latest album, The Book of Answers. On October 19th, the new song singer of “The Book of Answers” will be held in Beijing. In the first singer, Rong Rong, who broke the routine, used music to lead the fans to travel long distances, looking back to the heart and returning to the truth.

Joey Yung’s true love to sing, lead the fans to talk to themselves in the song

On the evening, Joey Yung appeared in the melody of the album’s famous song “The Book of Answers”. The full emotion and wide range made Joey Yung successfully interpret the fairy music and the empty valley. In a blink of an eye, in “Yaya“, Joey Yung reincarnates the Japanese Rocker to sing songs and share the open-minded musical attitude of “seriously and well-played, which is the victory of defeating the glory.” In the song of “Growing up”, Joey Yung, who has been brave enough to go forward, can’t help but look back, let his heart follow the time and find his best and most comfortable appearance. In “Tied Up Dreams”, the Japanese-style electronic music is used to bring out the dream-like escape, which makes people feel like “seen” is different from the imagination. The playful and innocent Joey ancestors ran in the dream situation.

At the concert, Joey Yung brought in 6 new albums including “Rong Guang” and “Lonely”, and even more surprises, “Girls with Wings”, tears on the spot, let the fans have a good time, In one fell swoop, the atmosphere of the scene was pushed to another climax. Joey Yung talked to himself in the past through songs. Every song seems to contain a different period of Joey Yung, just like slowly opening a thick story book, page by page and looking for those answers hidden in the past. . Fans who couldn’t reach the scene watched the live broadcast through QQ Music, Cool Dog Music, Cool Music, and Cool Dog Live, which are owned by Tencent Music Entertainment Group. They expressed their love for each song they sang through the barrage message. It seems that in the song of Joey Yung, I can talk to the past and the present, think about my initial heart, and share this journey of searching for life with Joey Yung. On the same day, three of the off-site fans who were also selected by Joey Yung were connected on the spot and sent a mysterious gift. Lucky fans don’t have to go to the scene to talk to Aidou. It’s really enviable.