Joey yung is a super force


It turns out joey yung can’t just sing. How much do you know about joey? What has she done over the years? In fact, before I knew joey yung, like most people, my impression on her was just a few popular and old songs. Then I realized I was so wrong. I found out Joey was a really good singer. Watching her previous starlight concert, concert Number 6 under the influence of a friend. And then he went to concert in 1314, even though it wasn’t as good as it was before.

At that time, she did not even breathe in more than a dozen dance medly songs. Later on, she sang so many songs that people who were careful could hear her singing became hoarse and her voice became hollow. It hurts. I don’t know what people know about joey yung, but she is a diva in the Hong Kong music industry. She has won numerous awards. She has won the most popular female singer award that attracts people’s attention for six years in a row.

You impression of her seemed to be just stay in “HuiZhaoChiBang girl” and “small” songs of this kind of mandarin, but she also has a lot of lyrics are good cantonese songs, Lin xi, se Asia, have created a great number of beautiful words for her, together with catchy melodies, can say her cantonese songs never disappoint the fans, the rest of the time to hear joey other songs are all good works. Joey yung live version of her, from beginning to end is the truth, you can feel listening to his singing as if listening to a story, always can sing to your bones.

Can not help but let you think of your own love life, super power! Joey at the same time is more than just attached to sing jump more than a dozen without rest, she is super bad, true and false tone conversion progenitor and worthy is also referred to as the diversity, for the first time to hear you will find yuankai can turn a song to sing such sentiment hundred, voice and sound line can turn out to be so charming, also at the scene of the concert of tension and expressive appropriate exercise is no singer from the other actors.