Joey yung is a professional singer


Joey yung sang many classic songs, such as girl with wings, my pride and so on.

Joey yung is a professional singer, stage experience is rich, so singing and dancing for her is a piece of cake, if the full score is ten, directly to ten is not too much!

But what about joey yung’s acting skills? That makes people a little hesitant! Have seen the program all know, as a singer and performer, not only can sing, but also can perform! But then again, joey yung has also played a lot of film and television works, “after gorgeous“, “jade pearl”, although not acting, but also know how to perform! However, her co-director jiang xiaoxiao was also very candid about her acting, saying that joey yung’s acting is directly negative.

What song and performance will joey yung bring this time? In fact, it is a very old, very bloody love story. “If there is tomorrow” is mainly about joey yung partner boyfriend got seriously ill, in order to does not bring the trouble to joey yung, let her try to concentrate on the dream-seeker, so gas go joey yung, acting with friends to know the truth, the end of the game later, joey yung was his partner boyfriend do all for her, while she is on the stage of the highest award.

Even if the teacher in the process of hosting a cameo, still can not save this stiff, jumping, blood story ah!

However, there is no denying that joey yung sang a song “give me a reason to forget” is really good, acting is not enough to sing to gather together.

Faye wong’s comments are also very candid, she said that her favorite is joey yung’s singing, this plot is a little stiff, but the singing is really very good. At this time, joey yung directly answered a sentence, I like love story, I like a little vulgar, this is the love I like.