Joey Yung holds the Pretty Crazy concert


According to Hong Kong media reports, Joey (Joey) held the first Pretty Crazy concert in the Red Pavilion last night. After a restful night, she adjusted her mood and published a performance on the social networking site with the title “The Wrong Stamp“. She said: “The mood at the time of appearance is very complicated. We have worked hard for a long time. For this moment, the adrenaline has multiplied in multiples. On the other hand, because all the institutions on the stage are more complicated than ever, because The relationship between the typhoons delayed the progress of the entire stage construction. In the absence of complete run through, I can expect different types of conditions to appear in the first game.”

I have always been a professional Joey Yung telling myself that no matter what happens, I must calmly deal with it, and I can’t be anxious. She said: “After deep breathing, I started the whole wonderful journey after a deep breath. When I finished the first part quick change, FM kept telling me in my ear. The next part must not go to Taichung. I have a premonition that it is not good. It turned out that our lifting platform had a serious fault after it was lowered, and it could not be changed back to the original. Only the outermost circle of the whole stage allowed me to move. The next night’s performance, I can only deal with the song friends, and a small number of dance steps, and the piano that can be upgraded after several twists and turns. When I sang “Wallpaper” in the middle, I even had no sound in the headphones. At that moment, I I admit that I am a bit ignorant of the problem.”

Joey Yung did her best to perform, and she was very experienced. She added: “Because I am conscious of the audience, but the voice in my heart still tells me that I must not mess, the concert must be completed smoothly. Before singing the last song I decided to abandon the holiday on August 12 and invite all the audience to come to the Red Pavilion to enjoy a perfect and perfect sexy crazy. What I want to say is that accidents can’t be avoided, but manpower can do it. Last night, every brother behind the scenes has done its utmost. I am very grateful here, including my dear audience.”