Joey yung was once dark and now brilliant


In 1995, at the age of 15, joey yung won a karaoke contest and entered the entertainment industry with zhengdong records.

Her first single, “the first time I wanted to get drunk,” was released in 1996, and was later cancelled by the record company as “not pretty”. Joey yung worked as a clerk and helped his mother run a fashion shop to earn income.

In 1998, joey yung signed a contract to “fei tu record”, because the company was “emperor entertainment” acquisition, joey yung became emperor entertainment singer, and with ye peiwen, he Carrie was emperor entertainment and media as “emperor three floret”.

The first EP Joey was released on September 29, 1999.

On April 25, 2000, she released her second EP, “not to be missed“. The title track “not to be missed” became her first 4 no.1 songs. She released her first album, “who will love me?” on September 5. On November 19, the first red pavilion held “~H2O+ joey yung’s beautiful in sight charity concert”; First starring in big winner.

In 2001, the greatest hits album, the IFPI, was the highest selling album. On October 25, solstice, 27, the first personal ticket concert “~H2O+ joey yung grand debut concert” was held in red hall. Her first mandarin album, seriously, was released on dec 6. He starred in 100 percent feeling II, my brutal classmate and bite the apple.

In May 2002, released the album “Something About You”; In October, he released his second mandarin album, love song of a man, and his second album, love zuer 2, which became the first professional recommendation song of chizha music.

In 2003, song “my pride” (Chinese HuiZhaoChiBang girl) for top ten pop songs golden melody awards gold award, the top ten Chinese songs “global Chinese sovereign songs”, and build great music awards ceremony music charts “ten big winner” awards, won the top ten pop songs for the first time the awards ceremony “, as the most popular female singer “hold music charts” hold music singer award “and” wants to my favorite music singer “, as well as four tsu music awards “media award”.