Joey Yung concert and Yang Qianxi chorus


On August 7th, Joey Yung’s “Pretty Crazy Concert” entered the third game. This evening, Joey Yung invited Yang Qianxi, who was once regarded as a competitor in the music scene, to be a guest. The two sang “If let me go on” and ” The series.

When Joey Yung introduced Yang Qianxi, he said: “Life is like a competition. There are a lot of runners running with me on my runway. Some runners are very close to you. This night, he and I are running along the way. In my singing career, if I didn’t meet her, I might not have run at such a speed so fast. Today I am with her two swords, I hope that I have given her a big boost for a moment, so that she runs faster. I hope everyone will use the loudest applause to welcome my guest tonight, Yang Qianxi.” The two sang together: “If let me go.”

After the chorus, Yang Qianxi said: “Thank you for asking me to come to this 20th anniversary party.” Joey Yung responded: “This is my wish.” Yang Qianxi: “You almost cried me! You are talking better now. So happy. I met you on the way to work, I can witness the progress of each stage of your life, and see you mature all the way. You learn to express yourself more. In fact, a singer wants to do it, is to sing the song, if attentive To express it to everyone, and everyone has received it. Especially Gemini, I really mind if others understand him… No one knows but I know…” Joey Yung, “Yes, yes… how do you know this? “Yang Qianxi: “Because my son is a Gemini.”

Then Yang Qianxi continued: “As a singer, 20 years is not long or short, 20 years is the most important time for a woman. I am also very grateful to you for giving me a lot of motivation on the road. We used to have many opportunities to get along with. I haven’t shared a lot of things with you, but in the last ten years, I have had more opportunities to meet. When I communicate, I feel that everyone is maturing each other. It is rare to meet good opponents on the road of life and make progress! So don’t thank me. I should thank you for being right.” The two sang “The Drama.”

In addition, Joey Yung sat in the spaceship and sang with the audience on the top of the mountain. When she saw her brother sitting on the top of the mountain, she immediately let the staff give Mi Gaofeng to her brother. The two of them sang together happily. Joey Yung was more happy and shouted: “I finally finished again. My other wish is to sing in the Red Pavilion and my brother!”