Joey yung concert stage accident


Joey Yung was born in Hong Kong, China on June 16, 1980. Artists under king’s group of Hong Kong.

Joey yung felt guilty and choked up with tears to his fans, reminding the audience not to throw away their tickets for the “PRETTY CRAZY” concert.

Joey yung performs at the red pavilion.

Sina entertainment on August 7, Beijing time news, according to Hong Kong media reports, 20 years of YUNG joey YUNG CONCERT TOUR began in the red hall held a total of 18 concerts, the first show setbacks, a bad start. Soon after the opening, a serious stage malfunction affected the performance effect. The sound system and earphones failed for a while, and joey yung felt ashamed and choked with tears to his fans. Finally, he decided to give up his next Monday (12th) holiday and reminded the audience not to throw away their tickets, so that they could enjoy a perfect “PRETTY CRAZY” concert again.

Although joey yung met the stage “crisis”, she still performance professional, to the song to meet friends, more invited “song god” Jacky cheung as the first gun guests, laughing that this is the line of 20 years of the largest bonus.

In the center of the stage, there was a ball rising stage. Once joey yung appeared, he began to sing and dance vigorously. After two or three songs, music began to play in search of gods. Found that the platform is distorted, but joey yung and dancers are still singing on the top, fortunately, after seeing the bottom of the platform staff suspected in the failure to repair, and some parts of the machine failed to hang back in the air, blocking the audience’s line of sight, joey yung will continue to perform in the position outside the sphere stage.