Jay’s Rap Songs


Jay Chou has been one of the few super-music talents in the Chinese music scene for nearly two decades. It can be said that we sang too many classic songs for us. His ability to control and compose music melody is not as good as that of several singers. .

At the same time, his creation of Chinese style songs has become an imprint of an era, especially his unique Chinese style Rap is even more unparalleled. In recent years, China has a hip-hop, which is actually Jay Chou. Playing the rest, nothing to watch.

In fact, Jay Chou’s Rap songs more than a decade ago represent the highest level of Chinese hip-hop songs. I believe that few people can surpass it. Seeing that China has a hip-hop and Wu Yifan’s worship of Jay Chou, he knows that he has admired Jay Chou’s hip-hop songs. In particular, the following are the first few, and it is estimated that they are even more admired.

Actually speaking, Jay Chou’s Rap songs had to mention the “Nuclear” in 2001. The popularity of this song in the past was probably only experienced by those who had experienced that era. It was this song that made Jay Chou famous.

Then came the “Dragon Boxing” in 2002. Later, at the 2004 Spring Festival Gala, Jay Chou also sang this Rap song, and even thoroughly blew the song across the river, and once again set off a powerful dragon. Boxing style.

One step a year, by the time of “Father’s Name” in 2003, it was simply the pinnacle of Jay Chou’s rap song. He only said that there was not a few singers in the “President’s Name”. Not to mention singing. Wu Yifan, who is good at big bowls, has sung very much in the name of “Father”. He has to say that Wu Yifan is really courageous and that he is truly sincere to Jay.

Although “The Name of the Father” is the pinnacle of Jay Chou, the 2004 “Spring Dance” is also an irreplaceable classic. Many of his friends say that it is one of Jay Chou’s most arrogant works. About this, black history Xiaobian is also very much in favor.