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Jay Chou Malaysia Concert

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Jay Chou Concert

  • December 6 - 14, 2019
  • Hong Kong Disneyland Fantasy Road Open Space
  • Jalan Barat, Bukit Jalil, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Jay Chou’s 20 years of debut is definitely an important 20 years of Chinese pop music! The lively and colorful “Carnival” concert main visual exposure, Jay Chou, who loves magic, holds a crystal ball, plus ferris wheel, merry-go-round and other playground scenes, and he flat-footed to win the cover of “Jay”, the best album in Taiwan The dizzying composition has been announced in the “Carnival” concert will be a lot of surprises! Celebrating 20 years of glory, what kind of music world will Jay Chou lead fans into? Jay Chou’s “Carnival” World Tour in Kuala Lumpur! Jie fans, please be ready to celebrate Jay Chou’s 20 years of grand carnival.

Hong Kong Concert
  • Date of performance:

    December 6 - 14, 2019

  • Ticket price:
    HK$1280 / $980 / $780 / $480
  • Performance venue:
    Hong Kong Disneyland Fantasy Road Open Space

Jay Chou Ticket Purchase Information

  • Reserve tickets for Jay are preferred. The above Jay tickets show the number of priority bookings so that the customer can choose the area where they want to watch the concert. Customers who purchase priority bookings will receive Jay tickets by post 10 days prior to the opening. Priority Jay tickets are credit card priority booking types.
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  • Other Jay tickets (including Jay Tickets for Priority Booking and Purchasing) will be arranged within two weeks from the date of purchase to 10 days before the opening of the ticket. The customer will receive the courier number by email.
  • All Jay tickets for the opening of the week will be arranged to ensure that customers can receive Jay tickets before the opening. The customer will receive the customer service agreement after the purchase of the ticket to confirm the order and arrange for settlement.
  • All tickets for Jay tickets under the same order are 2-4 tickets. If there are special circumstances or need to be arranged separately, the ticket will contact the customer about the seat transfer and will determine the seat according to the customer’s wishes. Transfer
  • All Jay Tickets are physical tickets, which can be used directly to enter the venue, so if they are lost, they will not be reissued.
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Ticket location and venue

Jay Chou Concert seating table –

Jay Chou Concert tickets

  • Saturday 2020, February 29


  • Regardless of age, each ticket is for one person only. You must have a valid ticket when you enter the venue.
  • Please take care of your tickets! If the position ticket is lost, there will be no replacement!
  • In order to avoid the sale of tickets, please select the tickets online as soon as possible and buy them immediately. Tickets are sold on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited within stadium and foreign food and beverages are not allowed to enter the Expo.

Jay Chou Concert Venue details

National Stadium, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur


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Jay Chou Concert Hot News


Jay Chou Concert Hot News

Jay Chou is leading the trend of technology at the concert, dazzling and eye-catching! In Jay Chou’s concert, I was immersed in the ultimate enjoyment of the audience! When many singers are struggling to catch up with the Jay Chou concert as a benchmark, he has surpassed himself to enter a higher realm! Jay Jay concerts pursue perfection, transcendence of self, and make his Jay Chou concert more exciting than this time! This time is stronger than this time! Repeatedly… The surface is the strongest!

Jay Chou Concert

Jay Chou Taiwan’s popular song male singer, musician, record producer, actor, director, e-sports team captain and boss, clothing brand owner. In 2000, Jay Chou released his debut album “Jay”, which belongs to the record company Alfa Music. Since then, his music has earned an acclaim throughout Asia, especially in the Asian community of Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, South Korea, Japan and Western countries such as the United States and Australia. He sold more than 30 million albums and won many awards for his music work. Jay Chou also wrote songs for other artists while working with his album. In 2003, he was the cover story of Time magazine (Asian edition), known as the new king of Asian pop music, as a recognition of his influence on popular culture. He then launched six world tours and performed more than 10 million people in cities around the world. Jay Chou started his acting career in the film “Initial D” (2005); he has been involved in many other film projects since then. Jay Chou also manages his own record and brokerage firm Jewel Music. In 2016, he re-entered Hollywood and played Xiao Li in the movie “Theft 2”. Jay Chou added a variety of elements to the music, and cleverly blended, not obvious. He often connects everyday sounds or special styles of music in songs. The combination of Jay Chou and the lyricists Fang Wenshan and Huang Junlang is rich in story and picture. Jay Chou is good at creating inspiration and material with different musical elements, and further blends various sounds into the music to create a vivid theme image. In the Jay’s organization in 2000, Jay Chou’s debut album “Jay” was introduced as follows: “The R&B and New Hip-hop’s new songs on the album, together with the classical Baroque string accompaniment and the addition of Band, form a British-style retro style. More specifically, Jay Chou tried to play the super-difficult, Spanish-style string performance in the album songs, but the artistic conception unexpectedly approached the soundtrack of the film. This music is currently in Taiwan (referred to as 2000). No. Jay Chou is singing different songs in different styles. When singing lyrics, there will be a slight nasal sound. Fang Wenshan’s lyrics, in addition to the diversity of the theme, are the imagery and richness of the lyrics. Using a large number of gorgeous classical vocabulary, it stimulates the imaginary space reinterpreted by the old theme, creating a strong visual style and story style. Paired with Jay Chou, it produced a new and old combination of American style and Chinese lyrics. Jay Chou’s genre changed in the early and late stages, and the later songs increased, and the deep sorrows were reduced. They were often discussed in the future. In Hu Yanling’s “Taiwan Romance” interview, he proposed that Jay Chou’s chances changed his mind. Jay Chou’s music style was roughly formed after the second album “Fantasy”, and the subsequent albums continued to evolve.

Hot explosion Jay Chou's works show songs

  • Jay
  • 范特西
  • 爸 我回來了
  • 愛在西元前
  • 簡單愛
  • 威廉古堡
  • 對不起
  • 上海 一九四三
  • 威廉古堡
  • 忍者
  • 開不了口
  • 上海 一九四三
  • 以前以後
  • 四季
  • 安靜
  • 陽明山
  • 竊愛
  • 算什麼男人2

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