Jay Chou’s strongest concert for three years


Jay Chou’s “Best Surface” World Tour Concert, which lasted for three years, was a perfect ending in Paris in May this year. Jay Chou and the global fans have created 120 irreplaceable memories! In October of this year, his eighth world tour concert is about to start. He has already had numerous meetings with the production team. He will once again bring his latest concert with his perseverance and self-transcendence: Jay Chou’s “Carnival” World Tour Concert! This concert is also a meaningful concert for 20 years in the music world! In order to celebrate the 20th anniversary, the concert will be the main element of joy, always leading the trend, always exclaiming Jay Chou, there will be unexpected surprises, and the fans will greet themselves in the music for 20 years. ? Let the world’s thousands of fans hold their breath!

Changing the world is often in the blink of an eye, when the apple falls on Newton’s head, or when Jay’s hand is on the piano! The 20 years that Jay Chou debuted is definitely an important 20 years of Chinese pop music! Celebrating 20 years of glory, will Jay Chou lead fans into his music world? The latest concert posters, fans can already see the “Festival” concert full of joyful elements, the curtain in the poster opened, Jay Chou mysteriously and confidently holding the crystal ball, and there is another Jay Chou floating in the crystal ball. , intriguing! The background of the amusement park, the Ferris wheel, the carousel… as if it has already turned, Jay Chou’s first album cover, cowboy hat, sailor lifebuoy, colorful balloons, ninja darts… and many other musical compositions are also on the paper, in the notice The fabulous “Carnival” is about to begin…