Jay Chou’s son looked very much like Kunling


In fact, Kunling had already sunned out the photo of his son “Romeo“, but he did not show his whole face in the photo, and his mother Kunling buried a suspense here. We can see that the mouth of the little guy is like Jay Chou. What is it like? And the latest news came, in fact, Jay Chou’s son has a very good picture of Kunling, and his daughter “Xiao Zhou” is two styles of appearance!
Kunling attended Milan’s Fashion Week and from the scene came a picture of her son Romeo and herself, which released the full picture of her son. Romeo wore black glasses and hats, but still had a good sense of camera and a little bit of Jay Chou’s cool energy. If you don’t look at the face shape carefully, the faces of your son and daughter are two styles.
Below is a recent photo of Jay Chou’s daughter in front of her in Hong Kong. The pictures show that Jay Chou and Jay Chou are very similar in their childhood, especially in the mouth and eyebrows. In fact, everyone said that Xiaozhou is more like Jay, but his son Romeo looks like Kunling.
Romeo, who was just over a year old, looked cute when he saw the second picture of his son in Kunling’s sun, and played with another foreign doll. Kun Ling said that he would come to me, but he didn’t want to see his little sister. In fact, from this photograph, son Romeo and Kunling’s face shape is closer, especially the forehead, especially like Kunling.
The son and daughter of Jay Chou can be said to be a real winner in life, ah, now the son slowly grew up, more than one year old when just the best fun, I believe Jay Chou and Kunling is more and more happy. Many people say that by the time Romeo and Zhou Zhou can be on the show, I wonder if Jay Chou will bring them to a parent-child show, so fans will be able to feast their eyes.