Jay Chou’s profile and achievements


Famous singer, musician, songwriter, arranger and producer, MV and film director. The leader of Chinese music in the new century, the ancestor of Chinese style songs, was hailed by Time magazine as “Asian Elvis”. It is the most revolutionary and indexed singer of Asian pop music after 2000. The sales volume in Asia exceeded 31 million. The title of “Asian Pop King” opens the first place in the Chinese music scene “R&B Era” and “Popular Chinese Style”. The appearance of Jay Chou broke the stagnation of Asian pop music for a long time and opened a new one for Asian pop music. The page is a Chinese character who really promotes R&B to the mainstream level. It has led the Chinese music revolution for ten years and rewrote the popular direction of the Chinese music scene.

Major achievements
Asia’s best-selling artist at the 4th World Music Awards, one of the most influential figures in the 60th anniversary of New China, 8 annual sales champions in China (maximum), 15 Golden Melody winners (maximum), MP3 global downloads third, Sydney Concert box office US bulletin board second, Jay Chou named asteroid (No. 257248), Jay Chou (July 16), the world’s top 100 creative figures, CNN Asia’s most influential people, 2012 Forbes China celebrity list MTV Japan Video Awards Asia Outstanding Artists, Two-Time MTV Asian Awards Most Popular Artists, IFPI Highest-selling Mandarin Records for 5 consecutive years, IFPI Top Ten Sales Mandarin Records for 7 consecutive years, 8 years of Taiwanese record sales champion, Chinese music scene Ten-year leader, the best male singer in the Chinese music scene for ten years, and the most singer-songwriter in the Chinese music scene for ten years.