Jay Chou’s new album is finally coming out


Time has passed, and today’s music feels more like a vassal of film and television works. Compared with the previous record era, more singers are willing to sing songs on variety shows, and singing OST for film and television dramas has become a scent. .

Especially the lineup of luxurious TV series is more and more contested by many singers. The main reason is actually because the public’s attention to the singer’s album is not as high as before. In the Internet age, the communication methods such as OST and variety show cover are more likely to let the public hear the singer’s music, and it is no wonder that the music scene will be so declining. Now!

However, there is a special existence in the Chinese music scene. He is Jay Chou. From the millennium to the present, Jay Chou’s feelings seem to have never been low, especially in recent times, the feeling of giving people is getting more and more fire! Earlier, Cai Xukun’s super-speech ranked first, and it ended with a successful breakthrough by Jay Chong’s breakthrough of 100 million influence.

I never doubted Jay’s influence, but in general, Jay’s fans are actually no passers-by, and most of the fans are not people who are often online, which may make some young people People have misunderstood Jay’s network influence because of some data!

Why is Jay Chou a special existence? Because today’s Chinese music scene, it is no exaggeration to say that no new album of a singer can have such a high degree of attention to Jay! Take Jay Chou’s “Don’t Love Me, Pull Down”, just a single single has received countless attention. The controversy caused by the word “pectoral muscle” is countless. I can imagine the influence of Jay. How big is the force.

Besides, Jay Chou’s new album, participated in the Zhejiang Satellite TV Mid-Autumn Festival was CUE, will participate in some activities will also be CUE, will also be asked this question in the INS, even on weekdays have countless netizens playing Jay’s album on the hot search!