Jay Chou’s extraordinary achievements


In 2002, Jay Chou participated in his first TV series “Star Garden”; in February, Jay Chou held a concert at the Suntec International Convention and Exhibition Center in Singapore; in July, he released the album “Octo Space”, in addition to all the songs in the album. In addition to his composition, he also served as the producer of the album; the album is based on R&B songs and won the top ten gold disc awards for the g-music Platinum Platinum Award, the Top 10 Chinese Record Award for the Chinese Pop Media Awards, Singapore. The Golden Melody Awards are the best-selling male singer albums of the year; on September 28th, the “THE ONE” concert was held at Taipei Stadium; from December 12th to 16th, five “THE ONE” concerts were held at the Hong Kong Stadium in Hong Kong; On December 25th, the “THE ONE” concert was held in Las Vegas, USA; in the same year, Jay Chou won the 1st MTV Japan Music Video Awards Asia’s Most Outstanding Artist Award, and the 2nd Global Chinese Songs List The singer and the 9th Singapore Golden Melody Awards are the most respected male singers in Asia Pacific.

In February 2003, Jay Chou became the cover of the American edition of Time magazine. On May 17, the “THE ONE” concert was held at Merdeka Stadium in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. On July 16, Jay Chou’s album “Ye Huimei” The main song “In the Name of the Father” was premiered on more than 50 radio stations, and 800 million people listened to it. The first day of the title song was also designated as “Jay Chou Day” by these stations; on July 31, the album “Ye” was released. Huimei, he not only composed all the song composing, but also served as the producer and stylist of the album; the album sold more than 2 million copies in Asia in one month, and won the 15th Golden Melody Award for best pop music the following year. The singer album award, the 4th Global Chinese Songs Ranking Awards Ceremony, the most popular albums of the year, etc.; the album’s main song “Dongfeng Broken” is one of Jay Chou’s representative Chinese style works, and he also won the fourth song with this song. Best Chinese Composer Award for the Chinese Music Media Awards.