Jay Chou’s early fame experience


In September 1997, with the encouragement of his mother, jay signed up for the entertainment program “super new king” of Taipei starlight TV and invited people to sing his song “dream has wings”. When host Jacky wu saw the score of the song, he invited jay Chou to work as music assistant in alfa music company.

In 1998, he wrote the song “tears know“, after the company gave the song to Andy lau but was dropped; The songs he wrote for a-mei, “shuangjie stick” and “ninja,” were also rejected.

In 2000, at the recommendation of Yang junrong, jay began to sing his own songs. On November 7, released his first solo album Jay, responsible for the composition, harmony writing and supervision of all the songs; The album combines R&B, hip-hop and other music style, the title song “star shine” won the 24th ten Chinese songs good mandarin songs gold medal, and jay Chou also relies on the attention of the album in Chinese music, and the following year 12th Taiwan golden melody award for best pop music album, best producer the 12th Taiwan golden melody awards, the 12th golden melody awards in Taiwan nominated best composer.

In September 2001, jay Chou released the mandarin album “fantasia”. In addition to being the producer of the album, he also composed all the songs in the album. The album is jay Chou’s work to establish his recording style, which combines Chinese and western music elements of the title song “shuangjie stick” became one of the representative rap songs. After the release of this album, jay opened up the southeast Asian market, and won the best album producer award of the 13th Taiwan golden melody awards, the best composer award, the best pop music album award, as well as the top ten selling mandarin albums of the Hong Kong album sales awards.