Jay Chou’s daughter already has a big temperament


Many people think that Jay Chou is very embarrassed. In fact, he is still very humorous. It is just that slow heat has no natural self-cooking, so it seems that people will have a disdainful feeling. After Jay Chou and Kun Ling got married, they had one daughter and one daughter respectively. The daughter Hathaway Jay Chou was very spoiled and looked very similar to him. Many netizens said that they were wasting their mother’s mixed blood.
Kunling reduced the work and spent more energy to take care of the two children, but the daughter is really too fierce. It is totally different from the girl she imagined. She has returned to her mother at a young age, so Kunling is very Helpless, but also bully the younger brother, it seems that the little princess was pampered into a female.
Hathaway’s look is super-like with Jay Chou, and now it has revealed the temperament of “big bang”. Many people also said that they are the daughters of Jay Chou. They all say that their daughter is like a father and their son is like a mother. wrong. Jay Chou is sometimes afraid of his daughter, because he is too fangs, often makes him speechless, indicating that he can not afford, can not afford.
Asian King, music genius Jay Chou is very familiar with everyone. The peak of the Chinese music scene has never been degraded since the early days of his debut. Now he and Kunling form a family and have one child and one daughter. It is a happy life. Jay Chou often praised his wife in front of the media. He sent the nickname “Family Wife”, but Jay Chou did not marry his wife and forgot her mother. In the entertainment circle, Jay Chou is a famous dutiful son, and often throws it out. A photo of yourself and your mother, accompanied by warm heart.
September 15th is the birthday of Jay Chou’s mother. Because she is busy with her work, Jay Chou can’t celebrate her mother on her birthday. She had to send a congratulatory message on September 12th, “Happy birthday to my fashionable mother” and a picture of my mother. . Although there are no expensive gifts, even one point is not spent, but in the busy work can still remember the mother’s birthday, this filial piety is commendable. When this dynamic was issued, hundreds of thousands of netizens praised it for a while, and many netizens sent blessings.