Jay Chou’s carnival is about to hit


The world’s strongest carnival world tour concert, Jay Chou’s carnival special is coming!

Talking about Jay Chou, the song that impressed everyone the most should be “Quickly use nunchakus, hip hop…”.

As a Chinese male singer, songwriter, actor, MV and film director, screenwriter and producer,

He started his world tour concert in 2002.

Become a revolutionary and indicative original singer in the popular music market.

At the same time, it is also a musician who influences the Chinese music scene.

As a 20th anniversary of his upcoming debut, how can he let go of such a chance of celebration?

From January 10th to 11th, 2020, the Jay Chou Carnival World Tour will kick off in Singapore, a bustling city that perfectly blends the essence of Eastern and Western cultures.

After Jay Chou’s dad, Jay Chou did not give up his love for music.

It is to warm up the love of music, to integrate what you see and hear in life into the lyrics, and to convey his thoughts to the public.

In August 2017, he published “The Story of Jay Chou’s Bedside Story“, which won the “Mandarin of the Year” award in the Chinese Golden Melody Awards.

In January 2018, he published his personal lyrics and composing “Wait for Your Class”, served as the mentor of “China Good Voice 2018”, and served as the producer of the racing film “The Wind and Rain“.

Jay Chou combines Chinese native culture with R&B music to make his creations stand out among Chinese music.

The proficiency and improvisation of various instruments reflect his unique personality and quality.

Every bold attempt is the development of the Chinese pop music scene.

The creative thinking of Tianma Star makes Jay Chou’s songs and any kind of music form different, forming a unique personal style.

It has earned the title of the most revolutionary singer in Asian pop music.

Azure, etc., and I am waiting for you.

The smoke rises, thousands of miles across the river…

Closing the open ears and listening to his songs quietly, people instantly sink into the melody of the song and walk into the world of singing.

And this time, I don’t have to wait for the rain and rain, and I won’t be separated by thousands of miles.

Because you have the opportunity to be in the same place as Jay Chou, the big chorus across the same stage.

Here, every detail is showing you the “new” style that he carefully manages, making people linger.

You can also taste Singapore’s diversified gourmet-derived dishes, “Nyonya”, nourishing “bone-bone tea”, “Roja”, and “sweet crabs” with sweetness…

Jay Chou’s “Best Surface” World Tour Concert, which lasted for three years, has been perfected with 120 paintings, leaving irreplaceable memories.

In October of this year, his carnival world tour will start again.

Once again, bring a new round of concerts with the idea of ​​surpassing yourself: Jay Chou’s “Carnival” World Tour Concert!