Has Jay Chou’s album of the same name been heard


Jay Chou, who has been working as a music producer for lyrics, composition, arrangement, etc., at the age of 18, created Wu Zongxian’s “roof”, “three days and three days”, “you are more happy than before”; Xu Ruzhen’s “snail”; Wang Lihong The song “Open Love” and Xu Ruoxuan’s “Sister You Sleep?” and other songs opened the popularity. Shy, introverted like a big boy next to him, with the strong propaganda of the new work “Cute Woman”, from behind the scenes to the front of the scene to become a dazzling newcomer, the first album of the same name “Jay Chou” was officially opened in Taiwan on November 3, 2000. issued.

In the album, Jay Chou has composed 10 songs, composed, 3 songs, and 2 songs. The overall style is full of his super-technical creations of music, with R&B and New Hip-Hop’s new songs, plus classical Baroque string accompaniment and Band’s addition to form a British-style retro style. The most special thing is to try the Spanish-style string performance, which is reflected in the album songs, but the artistic conception is unexpectedly close to the soundtrack. The master song “Cute Woman” directed by Music Video Yu Sheng, Xu Ruo? as the heroine, the director skillfully arranged for the two to have a plot of the story of the bridge.

Because Jay Chou and Xu Ruoxuan are friends for many years, and with many happy cooperation in music, Xu Ruoxuan specially lyrics for the three songs of this album. One of the “Istanbul” was written by her when she visited Istanbul. The close cooperation between the two people is believed to give the fans an unprecedented sense of hearing and visually. At a time when the masses have evolved into the auditory senses of music, they need a new creation like Jay Chou. It is no longer just the sound effect of conceptual narrative, and folk songs and pop music and new electronic style. Listening to his music can be fantasy, fantasy, and beyond the constraints of space and time. It is surprising and comfortable.