Jay Chou’s acting experience


In November 2000, he debuted with the album “Jay”;
In 2001, the album “Fantasy” was released, gradually establishing the leading position of Jay Chou’s Chinese music scene;
In February 2002, Jay Chou held his first personal global concert in Singapore and Malaysia.
In April 2002, the personal nunchaku European version EP was issued in Europe;
In July 2003, more than 50 radio stations across Asia premiered the “Ye Huimei” title song “In the name of the father”, which was set on July 16 as “Jay Chou Day”, and the audience rate in Asia reached 800 million;
In 2003, the song “Dongfeng Broken” was born and became a milestone in the “Asian Pop Chinese Style“. It was also sung by foreign consulate ambassadors and became a label for knowing China;
In 2003, he was listed on the cover of the American edition of Time magazine. The magazine praised him as “a new generation of Asian pop music king”. Jay Chou was the third in the famous “Time” magazine after Wang Fei and Zhang Huimei. The only Chinese male singer on the cover;
In 2003, British pop star Craig David said: “Jay Chou’s music will dominate and may even change Asian music”;
In 2004, according to the world’s most authoritative International Recording Industry Association (IFPI) data, Jay Chou’s annual sales volume ranked 42 in the world, becoming the first Chinese male singer to enter the world’s top 50 in the 21st century. Jay Chou won the World Music Award for the first time in Greater China. Album
In 2005, Jay Chou was ranked as one of the top ten talented musicians in the world, becoming the first Asian representative to receive this honor in history;
In 2005, he starred in the debut of the “Initial D”, the first time to win the best film newcomer award, officially developed to the path of the all-round artist;
On May 18, 2006, Jay Chou wax appeared at Madame Tussauds Hong Kong;
In 2007, Jay Chou sang at the 80,000-seat stadium in Shanghai, and the audience was full. In the history of the world, artists in the world challenged the stadium’s highest record.