Jay Chou’s 2019 Disney concert


Surprise! Surprise! According to the latest news, this year our jay Chou will come to Hong Kong Disneyland to perform a unique concert for us, I believe you want to know the details of the next performance, jay Chou concert in Hong Kong 2019, the following small make up for you to introduce this wonderful show!

We used to go to see jay Chou‘s concerts in the stadiums of major cities, but this time, we will enjoy our favorite jay Chou’s first song Hong Kong outdoor concert at the end of this year! This is the third star to hold a concert in Disney, which can be said to be pretend bility full, Disney fantasy outdoor venue don’t forget oh!

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Hong Kong dollars

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Public transport

You can find out what kind of transportation you need on the MTR website.

Concert list

Jay Chou’s tour this year has been slowly launched, I believe many friends have been waiting, this concert heard jay Chou will release a new album oh, that means we can listen to jay Chou’s new songs on the concert! There are some classic songs such as: confession balloon, daoxiang, wait for you after class, qilixiang, blue and white porcelain, can’t say the secret, all the way north and so on is not very surprised? So we have to go to the end of this year’s performance, we want to go to Hong Kong in advance to prepare oh!

If you want to see this show, you will have to search online for a guide to Hong Kong as soon as possible. If you say that it will be hard to find the place and so on, jay Chou’s concert in Hong Kong 2019, please look forward to this wonderful show!