Jay Chou started an era


Jay Chou, a legendary figure in the Chinese music industry, can be said to have created an era. Every time the media and the public say that the talent is exhausted, it always stands. Diversified music styles can always bring people fresh feeling, almost every new album can attract public attention. With marriage, children and more commercial performances, it’s easy to see that the amount of energy devoted to songs is decreasing. The latest song, “if you don’t love me, you can drop it”, also has a shocking title and lyrics. Is this the same jay Chou you used to know?

Is one of the more early contact with jay, remember first heard jay Chou’s songs on TV was the star shine “and” shuangjieao “, in the Chinese music with “you love me, I love you” in the style of songs, “shuangjieao” does give people the feeling that find everything new and fresh, shocked at that time, the original pop songs can also sing so, from now on was deeply fascinated by his songs. From the cassette of the first self-titled album “JAY” to “Chopin in November”, you can easily name every song on the album, and each album is played on an infinite loop. Later is also due to the developed network, on the network is almost the first time can hear the new album, there would be no again to buy, because from the album of “qi li xiang” thoroughly changed its singing, after previous roar too fee throat singing way, after the transformation of the mode of singing singing easy, song ability stronger, but there are some blanketed, feeling giving a person without the original strength and vicious. Gradually, the attention to its songs is also less, and then out of the new album is also a casual listen to it no longer to listen.