Jay Chou returns to music adaptation nunchaku


Jay Chou, born on January 18, 1979 in Xinbei City, Taiwan Province, graduated from Qijiang Middle School, a popular Chinese male singer, musician, actor, director, screenwriter and so on.

In 2000, the first solo album “Jay” was released. The album “Fantasy” released in 2001 laid the foundation for the fusion of Chinese and Western music [1]. In 2002, the “The One” World Tour was held. In 2003, he became the cover person of Time magazine in the United States [3-4]. In 2004, he won the World Music Awards Best Selling Artist Award in China. In 2005, he won the Taiwan Film Golden Horse Award and the Hong Kong Film Award for Best Newcomer Award for his action film “Initial D”. Since 2006, he has won the World Music Awards Best Selling Artist Award in China for three consecutive years. In 2007, the self-directed literary film “The Unspeakable Secret” won the Taiwan Film Golden Horse Award for the Outstanding Taiwan Film Award.

Recently, Jay Chou, who has not shared new music for a long time, uploaded a video on his personal social networking site ins, with a text: “Children who play music will not become bad #双节## adaptation ing.” In the video, singer Pai Weijun The scene changed Jay Chou’s famous song, adding many popular elements to “Nuclear“.

The fans said: “But the children of the album will grow old!” “But the children who can’t wait for the album will cry out!” “The people who write the album will never go bad!”

Jay Chou is an extraordinary artist. His talents are not only reflected in the on-the-spot improvisation ability and mastery of music theory and various musical instruments, but also in his creative ideas. He incorporates a variety of Eastern and Western music in the music, such as jazz, blues, rock, Nakashi, folk, hip hop, American country music, electronic music and so on.