Jay Chou and nan quanmama get together


Music group “nan quan mama” is not sure how many youth memories of the post-90s generation, this group has been highly praised by jay Chou, and their songs “rainy day” and “peony river” have also been sung in the streets and lanes, becoming extremely popular. Only in recent years, the popularity of nan quan’s mother has declined, and the chance to appear is rare.

On August 2, jay Chou posted a video on his social media account where he had a party with nan quanmama, with the caption “long time no see nan quanmama”, which triggered the memory killing. Video, a line of people sitting on the table, eating while singing “what kind of man”, the scene is very happy and warm, super funny.

In fact, recently, nan quanmama, as a guest, also appeared on jay Chou’s zhanjiang concert. They performed many classic songs together, including “orange soda” and “rainy day“, which aroused many fans’ youth memories. In recent ten years, nan quan’s mother seldom Shared the same stage. They asked everyone on the stage: “do you still remember nan quan’s mother 16 years ago?” their words drew many fans to tears.

Sharing the stage with his friends, jay Chou was also very excited, and even played a raffle at the concert site. The fan who was chosen by jay won a pink piano that jay played, which made his fans scream.

“This is the first time in ten years to be on the same stage”, “long time no see zhang jie and jay with the same frame”, “this group also has a lot of good works, youth ah”.

In fact, nan quanmama has never been a fixed combination, and the members of the group have been changing all the time. Now it is the fourth generation, and jay Chou is on the same stage with the second generation members, such as yu hao, zhang jie and warhead. Zhang jie ran to fitness, successful change body muscle meng male, it is worth mentioning that he also won the runner-up in a bodybuilding competition recently, quite excellent, the figure is very eyeball.

A spendthrift this combination is jay support form the beginning, “wu” was the pseudonym of jay Chou, the original four members have ju pao, Gary, warheads and house, some of them not only in the life is very good friends, before debut also is very good working relationship, four men behind the scenes has cooperation with jay Chou, so jay about their feelings deep, now compete again ten years, is a dream ~