Jay Chou is about to launch his tour


JAY Chou (JAY Chou) and his apprentice wei jun (Andy pettitte) attended the “warriors JAY league public welfare basketball activity”, which is also his 11th year to participate in this activity and play basketball with children.

“If you look at my social networking sites, having fun and spending time with my family is the most important thing right now,” he admitted after a long absence. Talking about his new album, he said with a smile: “I’ve done five songs so far, but including the last two.” At present, the schedule is seriously behind, before the tour can launch is still uncertain.

Jay is expected to launch a new tour in October. Speaking about his recent troubles, he said he had not yet thought of a powerful name: “nothing better than ‘strongest on the surface’, but this time it’s about 20 years, it’s more fun, it’s not about how strong you feel.”

When asked if he would consider having his daughter zhou zhou and son Romeo attend summer camp or other talent classes, he said his mother quinlivan was making the decision. Now the children are also taking football lessons, piano lessons, or learning English with quinlivan at home.

Talking about his own educational policy, he thought that someone must play the role of a black face in the family, “but I will not be very strict, fierce for them useless, children’s education to become their own children, to talk to them.” But he laughs that he is so lowly at home that he only feels valued when he plays the piano.

Chou said he still doesn’t know how to treat his daughter because his parents are teachers. “She’ll be so stubborn, she’ll say no if she doesn’t want to, and she’ll say no if you want to make up with her.” Even still can take advantage of the side to have no other people in, say to the daughter with doll sound fold word, be kui very difficult to imagine, he also smiled: “I also very difficult to imagine, but seem to be inexplicable change so, want to try not to also very difficult.” Words full of spoil.