Jay Chou and jj Lin are both singer-songwriter


Jay Chou and jj Lin are both singer-songwriter, maybe not so handsome, but they can win a large number of fans with their amazing talent. Two people are best friends. Once Lin junjie revealed that jay Chou was his first artist friend, and the friendship lasted for many years. Jay Chou is a “phenomenon” singer, his music out of the country, rushed to Asia. And combine Asian music and western music together to become the first person in Chinese music. His unique music style captivated Asian and western fans, and many young people were excessively obsessed with his music.

Jj Lin is a walking CD with a distinctive voice that makes the ears “pregnant”. The kind of pure and pleasant, will fans into a new space, easy and comfortable. Jj Lin has revealed that jay Chou is his idol. Their friendship stood the test of time and gradually became a kind of kinship. Once jay Chou encountered “paparazzi incident”, Lin junjie quickly stood up in support. And shout, no matter what, will support jay.

In life, they play together. Travel America and do magic together. Jay Chou fans to hit the chart, Lin junjie also actively join in. Drink milk tea together again this time, get fat together, make a person envy too. Two people to music have respective pursuit, be attracted by the talent of the other side at the same time, make friendship everlasting. Internet users have called for the two to have a chance to work together to open a concert.

If they do open a concert one day, I believe the fans must be very excited. Looking forward to this pair of good friends cooperation, fulfilled the fans’ dream.